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Creating With Love And Care

Help more families around the world know Hippo Tales!


About Hippotales

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I’m a curious Joy—# Web3 Virtual Teacher MEd, artist, and animator. 

As a mom, my daughter plays a significant role in my creative journey.

I started to notice that my daughter is my Hippo, and she's living new adventures every day, discovering this wonderful world. 

It's common to see those moments in lots of my drawings and what she started to like the most, like the ocean, animals, and nature.

It is also my way to express myself and remind others who feel the same way as me to enjoy our present moment; that's all we have.

I want to share with the world that expressing yourself is okay. And is also good to be curious about life, and that is good to want to experiment and see how things work and don't work. I want to keep sharing new adventures with others and draw a smile on your face :) 

Create your own NFT

I love hippos, and from the bottom of my heart, I genuinely feel grateful for hippos because it was the first NFT I had (A Helpful Hippo Character from VeeFriends) and because it became natural to me to draw… how fun!

Yes, fun was essential to me to enjoy, create, and show up. That’s in my DNA now.

Creating art makes me happy and is also helping me express my feelings and how I see the world. It is also a good reminder for me to be present, appreciate nature, be genuinely grateful, and love life.

And also, my Twitter account was growing with more web3 and NFT enthusiasts joining and sharing my work. I even got DM’s from people and friends asking me if I was ok when I wasn’t posting my dailies.

Right now, I also have the vision to keep sharing Hippo Tales with families and kids. Animation was a natural evolution for me, so from nowhere, I’m just learning how to animate from scratch by myself, watching tutorials here and there. Hippo Tales also have a YouTube Channel now where I share some shorts!


How to join the Hippo Tales crew?

To be part of the Hippo Tales family and join me in this adventure, you can become the happy owner of an NFT; below you can see what we have available:


Roadmap 2022-2023

Phase 01

First ten drawings

Starting is usually the most difficult; the first goal is to be able to make ten drawings and upload them as NFT to Opensea.

Phase 02

First Animated NFT

Once the first drawings have been made, I will make an animated NFT; the goal is to make several throughout the year.

Phase 03

First Ten Sales

The main objective is to make the first ten sales to start raising funds to continue in addition to collaborating with other artists to make it possible.

Phase 04

30 sales

With this number, I can start planning the next goal: animated Hippo Tales. Learn animation with the software Toon Boom Harmony.

In Progress
Phase 05

50 sales

The objective is to achieve this number of sales of the hippo tales NFT to finance the first hippo tales music video in Spanish.

In Progress
Phase 06

Hippo Tales music video

The first Hippo Tales music video in Spanish, with animation and uploaded to YouTube, will be the endpoint of the entire 2023 roadmap.


What they say about Hippo Tales:

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  • How to support HippoTales?

    My dream is to be able to keep sharing my art with as many people as I can. To do that I need to stay consistent with my work and my education. As a mom and teacher, one of my main goals is to keep paying for my animation lessons and my animation software so I can just keep doing what I love. Bring more smiles to people's faces. Keep showing my journey to inspire others to follow theirs. As someone who also has depression, being able to draw every day to make art, and animations, create content, document my journey, all this stuff, is my therapy it makes me happy.

    I will be so honored to have you in the family in one way or another, the most valuable asset we have is time, I'm grateful right now because you are reading this, thank you.

  • What benefits are there for those who buy?

    I create 1/1 art, that's it. That's the benefit for collect something because you love it and you connect with a specific piece, not as a financial take. But wait, there's more. I have a superpower... I know how to network with other people and that's why I love to collaborate with other well-known artists from time to time to keep adding more new experiences. And also wait... I discovered as a mom that my other superpower is to go SLOW on things but at the same time never stop working on my dreams with conviction and patience. I think if you're around our Hippo crew you will get a good chance to get super freaking inspired by my crazy ideas so you can start yours!

  • Can I support you in another cryptocurrency or USD?

    Yes! I can send you a Hippo Tales T-shirt limited edition if you want one, just sent me a DM on Twitter or email me at: asking for more details on this.

  • Do you have a community in discord?

    No, I don't. I prefer to spend time creating art, or participating in other communities I love. At the end of the day, I'm here always connecting with people and the community.

  • How can contact you?

    I'm always active on Twitter, let's connect there: For more personal questions you can always email me at:

  • Why should I support you?

    I am arriving little by little. Trying something new is always a process that is not easy. We don't do it because it's easy; we do it because we know our WHY; our motivations and we are willing to overcome challenges, and that's okay. You do it because it makes you happy.

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